How Working Capital Financing Can Help Small Businesses

Small businesses need adequate working capital in order to run their day-to-day operations. The amount of working capital, also known as money to work with, indicates the short-term financial health of a company. A simple formula that can be used to determine this is as follows: working capital equals current assets minus current liabilities. In […]

Building Your Small Business Marketing Strategy

Marketing is all about creating an effective message. Without the ability to clearly communicate with your customers, your business will not be able to generate the sales you need to keep operating. A basic small business marketing strategy can be implemented in five phases. Here are some small business marketing tips to help you along through […]

Brand Yourself: 5 Steps to Defining Your Small Business’s Brand

  Branding is a big buzzword these days, but is it relevant to your small business? The answer is a resounding yes! Small business branding is actually the key to your success. The truth is, you have a brand from the moment you go into business. The question is whether it’s the brand you want. […]

4 Questions Never to Ask in a Job Interview: Job Interview Question Legality

There’s a lot to prepare for when sitting down for a job interview, especially if you’re the one conducting it. Because employers are not permitted to base hiring decisions on protected categories such as age, race, or marital status, there are many types of inquiries which are considered off-limits. Make note of these illegal job interview […]

Accounts Receivable Financing: Can A.R. Funding Help Your Small Business?

Accounts Receivable Financing Can Make Big Impact Companies that invoice customers rather than get payment up front might be at a disadvantage when it comes to cash flow. As a result, many of these types of businesses have turned to accounts receivable (A.R.) financing in order to keep the money coming in. Let’s look at […]

4 Key Tips for Recruiting Employees Using Social Media

A few decades ago, you would have posted an ad in your local newspaper if you wanted to find a new employee to join your team. With the pervasive use of the internet today, more and more companies have started to use alternative methods to find their employees, including using social media. If you want […]

Five Reasons to Use Periscope in Your Small Business Marketing

In today’s technological world, promotion is an important component of success, and social networking can provide an excellent path to widespread brand recognition. The rise of live streaming video applications has given anyone a virtual platform to spread a message, but how can your company benefit? Here are five ways that you can use Periscope […]

Small Business Twitter Guide: 4 Tips For Maximizing Twitter Success

Today’s consumers are more connected than ever, and any company that wishes to prosper must take advantage of that fact. While it’s important for a firm to have a strong online presence with a quality website and sparkling reputation with reviewers, there are proactive things that an organization can do to build brand identity. Social […]

A Trio of Do’s and (One Big DON’T) for Small Business Social Media

Customer engagement opportunities are more important than ever to business owners, but many entrepreneurs don’t know how get more social media followers for small business. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to improve social media for small businesses if you take the time to learn the ins and outs of the process. Here are some tips to […]

How to Get Your Small Business Ready For the Holidays!

The holiday season is both exciting and stressful. In order to make it through this time of year, small businesses need an award-winning strategy that they can rely on. With the right plan, stress can be minimized and success is more likely. To get your small business ready for the holidays, use this helpful guide. […]