Business Loans for Bad Credit: An Alternative Business Loan Option

Securing business loans for bad credit.In business, having access to capital is absolutely crucial when it comes to taking advantage of every possible opportunity to grow a business or maximize revenues. Many small business owners find that cash is the most important commodity when faced with a lucrative opportunity, as a lack of liquidity can truly limit the potential for significant growth within any given industry. Having bad credit also adds to the complexity of managing a business, as most lenders attempt to steer clear of those who currently have challenging credit profiles, late payments, a low FICO score, or previous credit issues that have made acquiring small business loans an impossibility.

At (BCBL), we specialize in helping business owners secure the capital they need to keep the business growing – regardless of the applicant’s credit score or previous credit challenges. What is important to us is that the business owner will be able to benefit from a bad credit small business loan through BCBL, and that they have the capacity to comfortably repay the loan.

One reason why applying for small business capital is so frustrating for so many individuals is that many small business owners choose to apply for capital through a traditional lender – like a bank or credit union. These institutions tend to turn down more loan applicants than they approve, and they are often bound by incredibly restrictive and archaic underwriting guidelines that prohibit the majority of business owners from receiving a loan approval. With more than 80% of small business loan applicants receiving denials from traditional lenders today, it is crucial that other options be available to deliver bad credit small business loans – quickly.

Enter BCBL – your source for small business capital that will help make you even more competitive in today’s marketplace. How do we know that we can help you – regardless of your credit history? The answer lies in our track record of funding more than 250,000 bad credit small business loans totaling over $500 million. If you are looking for small business loans for bad credit, simply contact us today and we will help you to quickly and easily navigate the application process. Applying takes only minutes, and we are generally able to create a loan approval that will specifically outline the terms and conditions of your business loan in a matter of hours. With rapid funding available that puts cash in hand in a few days, you’ll be prepared for any opportunities that may arise. Pay for supplies, purchase inventory, or manage ongoing expenses – even pay delinquent debts or tax obligations, all with an influx of cash from BCBL.

Contact us today to speak with one of our helpful and knowledgeable loan consultants – regardless of your credit history or FICO score, we will work with you to secure small business funding that will help you move your business forward. We’re proud of our history of helping small businesses like yours thrive and prosper – so prepare to give your business a boost through small business capital from BCBL. Be sure to follow us on Google+ for our latest small business advice!