Construction Small Business Loans

construction small business loans

Recent studies have shown that construction is one of the most underserved industries when it comes to acquiring small business funding. And, many of the companies that have been able to get a business loan for construction recently are huge organizations that requested massive sums of money – hardly the type of small construction business that most individuals operate today. If you own or manage a construction company and are looking for a way to improve the operating efficiency and output of your business, you’ll want to partner with the lending experts at (BCBL). At BCBL, we offer a proven track record of success when it comes to providing construction companies with the business capital that is needed to fund new projects, meet payroll, and manage upkeep of equipment. Our merchant cash advance program is ideally suited for construction companies as it offers flexible repayment terms and high approval rates. If you are contemplating an application with a bank or credit union – stop! – You’ll want to work with the experts at BCBL first.

How does a merchant cash advance (MCA) work? – A merchant cash advance allows you to borrow against upcoming sales – namely, those that are processed through your credit card terminal. We provide an upfront amount of cash based on the nature of your business, and you repay this amount by a direct debit system that holds back a small percentage of your daily credit card sales. This means that you’ll only make small payments on slow days, while you’ll be able to make significant headway on your repayment during peak times of business. This is an incredibly flexible program, and has become quite popular among savvy business owners these days.

What can I use the MCA for, and how will that help my construction company? – The great part about the MCA is that it can be used for practically anything. Unlike a construction small business loan or equipment finance program that mandates that funds be used for a specific piece of equipment, your cash is yours to use how you see fit. You can use the funds to purchase building materials for an upcoming job, finance equipment and tools, bulk up your staffing to more efficiently complete jobs, meet payroll during peak times, or advertise or market your business. Due to our streamlined application and funding process, you’ll receive the cash you need in a matter of days – not weeks or months like you’d experience with a bank or credit union. In an industry where timing is everything, this rapid turnaround time is essential.

We are ready to help you drive your business forward – so contact us today to get started! You’ll soon see that our quick application, minimal documentation requirements, and high approval rates will have you building your business in no time.