Franchise Small Business Loans

Franchise Small Business Loans

A franchise is a terrific option for business owners who want to operate a proven model for small business success. Whether you own or operate a quick-serve restaurant, a carpet cleaning company, or any of the thousands of other small business franchise opportunities available today, you’ll want to make sure that you partner with a proven and reliable source for small business capital. Even though most franchises come with a “playbook” for success, each location must be treated as its own small business entity. This means that you’ll often have to make executive decisions and enact local marketing strategies to really boost your business. As the owner of any business, it is vital that you keep cash flowing and remain as competitive as possible in your local area – and we are ready to help you and your company see even greater levels of success through our custom-tailored merchant cash advance program. At (BCBL), we are invested in helping our clients succeed.

Why is a merchant cash advance so popular? – The merchant cash advance (MCA) is a popular option among small business owners these days, and for good reason! First, our MCA program does not rely on your credit score for a loan approval. This means that we are able to provide financing for the majority of applicants, regardless of past or current credit problems. We look at more than a credit score – your ability to repay the loan and your small business’ cash flow are the truly important factors here. An MCA delivers upfront cash and does not require monthly loan payments. Instead, we simply deduct a small amount each day from your merchant processing totals. This keeps cash moving through your business and eliminates the large monthly payments that are normally required for franchise small business loans. And, you’ll pay less on lower revenue days, which means that your loan payments will never intrude on your ability to manage a budget. A merchant cash advance through BCBL can often be completed in as little as three days – light years ahead of what you’d expect from a traditional lender like a bank or credit union.

Why partner with (BCBL)? – At BCBL, we take pride in the fact that we have helped over 250,000 small business owners – many of them franchisees, to acquire over $500 million in business capital. Our quick and simple application process and rapid funding timeframe combine to create a truly unique and stress-free way to secure cash for your small business. Simply apply online, provide all of the necessary supporting documents, and we will help you to get the cash you need in a matter of days. We have helped businesses like yours to grow and thrive, and we are ready to help you achieve all of your financial goals in no time.

How can a merchant cash advance benefit my franchise operation? – With any small business comes an element of the unknown. How am I going to pay for these repairs? What should I do to more effectively market my company? Am I going to have enough money to cover payroll? These concerns, and more, can be addressed quite effectively with an injection of capital from BCBL. You can pay off high interest rate or delinquent debts, purchase new or pre-owned equipment, meet the demands of payroll during peak times, or any of the other financial concerns you may have regarding your business. We’ll provide the funding, and you can allocate it how you see fit.

We are ready to help you boost your business with a quick and affordable injection of small business capital. At, we offer a proven track record of assisting all kinds of small businesses to drive revenues and increase bottom-line results. Contact us today to get started – and see just how easy it is to increase the performance of your franchise operation.

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