Motel and Hotel Financing

Hotel FinancingThe hotel and motel industry can be incredibly rewarding for entrepreneurial types who take pleasure in providing comfortable, clean, and affordable accommodations for a range of guests. This industry often represents a lower risk and higher reward factor when you take into account that travelers will always need a place to stay. In fact, hotels or motels that are priced appropriately – think $50 to $250 per night, tend to weather downturns in the economy more easily than luxury establishments or boutique hotels. But, the hospitality industry can be quite unforgiving. Hotels that fail to meet basic standards, or those that are simply outdated and run down, will lose market share and may eventually go under. If you currently own or operate a motel or a hotel and are looking for a way to source much-needed business capital to improve your property, you will want to talk with a lending expert at (BCBL).

At BCBL, we provide financing for a variety of industries. From the medical field to retail storefronts, local restaurants to beauty supply stores – and of course, financing for the motel and hotel industry. Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing property, hire additional staff to support the seasonal demands of the industry, fund additional marketing or advertising campaigns, or simply consolidate high interest or delinquent business debts, we can help!

Many small business owners feel that traditional lenders like banks or credit unions should be the first place to look for small business capital. Unfortunately, these institutions tend to demand near-perfect credit profiles, significant equity in the business, and years and years of consistent operation in the field. Many small business owners find that their personal credit keeps them from obtaining the small business capital that can truly accelerate the growth of the business, with as many as 80% of bank applicants receiving a turndown on their small business loan application. At BCBL, we strive to say yes as often as possible. Your credit score isn’t much of a factor when it comes to us approving your small business loan. In fact, we have helped more than 250,000 small business owners by funding over $500 million worth of loans – providing significant relief for those who need business capital yet have challenged credit.

If you own a motel or hotel and need to invest in your business to remain as competitive as possible, you’ll want to partner with a reputable and responsive source for small business capital. At BCBL, we take the sting out of applying for small business lending. Contact one of our helpful loan specialists today and you’ll be able to complete your application in no time at all. Then, simply provide a few necessary documents to support the information in your application, and you’ll be done! We are often able to deliver approvals within 24 hours and funding in a matter of days. When you are ready to give your hotel or motel the lift it needs to attract new clients and drive repeat business, you’ll want to partner with the experts in bad credit business loans – BCBL. Contact us today to get started!

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