Short Term Loans For Small Businesses with Bad Credit

Securing a Short Term Bad Credit Loan

Need short term cash and have bad credit? – BCBL is the answer!

Bad credit is a reality for a great number of business owners across the nation, and the need for short term business loans is a key driver of successful companies throughout a range of industries. The problem is, most traditional lenders have no interest in loaning money to those with challenged credit, and short term loans that are often unsecured leave little motivation for banks or credit unions to say “yes” to a borrower. If you are looking for short terms loans and you have bad credit, simply contact the business lending experts at (BCBL). We offer a tremendous amount of experience in the small business lending field (we’ve provided more than a half a billion in business funding to more than 250,000 customers!) and we offer loan options that do not rely on a credit score for an approval. Our merchant cash advance program is an option that will help your business succeed – even if you are credit challenged. Here’s how it works:

Get back on track with a merchant cash advance

The merchant cash advance delivers upfront capital based on the volume of your business. Unlike a traditional loan, though, you don’t make loan payments each month to pay off the principle. Nor do you need to consider the interest rate involved – with us, there isn’t an interest rate assigned to the loan! We provide the cash based on your future revenues, meaning that we will lend a certain percentage of what you expect to take in as sales from your customers. Then, we hold back a small amount of what you earn each month based on your actual sales – freeing up cash when sales are slow, and permitting you to make higher payments when sales are robust. This is the best loan option for those who need cash quickly but don’t want to be cash-poor due to high monthly loan payments.

Help your business succeed by partnering with Bad Credit Business Loans

If you are looking for a short term loan with bad credit, don’t despair – we can help you today! Simply contact us directly and we will help you complete an application that will unlock the potential of your business. A merchant cash advance from BCBL will generate upfront cash, while allowing you to spend your time focused on what you do best – running your company. Forget about credit score, disregard the notion that you don’t qualify, and don’t worry a minute about making high monthly loan payments. At, we’re ready to partner with you today to help you achieve all of your short to medium term business goals. Contact us today to begin!