Small Business Administration Loans (SBA Loans)

Small Business Administration Loans

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is a government organization that works to help small businesses grow and thrive. While some companies choose to partner with the SBA, there are many businesses out there that are simply unable to do so because they do not meet the requirements as set forth by the administration. If you have attempted to secure SBA-backed financing and have found that your business does not meet the required criteria, you’ll want to partner with a secure and reliable source for small business capital – you’ll want to work with the experts at (BCBL). At BCBL, we understand that trying to acquire business financing through traditional sources can be frustrating, so we’ve created a program that has helped more than 250,000 businesses over the years. This amounts to more than $500 million in business capital that we’ve provided, and that adds up to significant help for our valued small business owners.

Why select a merchant cash advance through BCBL to help my company? –  At BCBL, we specialize in creating loan programs that are designed to help businesses of all types. If you own a small business and need access to business capital, simply apply today and take advantage of our merchant cash advance (MCA) program. This option allows you to receive an upfront injection of business capital that is secured by your future credit card sales receipts. After you receive your cash, you’ll simply repay your loan by allowing us to hold back a small percentage of your daily merchant sales. This means that you won’t have to come up with big loan payment each month and you’ll make payments that are based on your daily revenues. Small payments will occur on slow days, while more lucrative sales days will enable you to more quickly pay off your merchant cash advance.

What can I do with a merchant cash advance? – A merchant cash advance (MCA), unlike a traditional SBA-backed loan, provides near-immediate access to cash. This means that you will be able to fund expansion projects, pay off high interest rate or delinquent debts, hire seasonal staff, or invest in greater levels of inventory. There is practically no limit to how an MCA program can help your business, so you’ll want to apply today to gain a stronger foothold in your industry. With flexible repayment options and a rapid funding timeframe, now is the time to partner with the experts at BCBL.

If you are ready to make a move that will help your company grow more quickly, simply contact us today and we will help you to acquire the small business funding that can dramatically transform your business. With more than a quarter of a million clients served and a half a billion in small business funding to date, we are ready to help your business reach its ultimate potential.