Small Business Equipment Financing: Financing Equipment with Bad Credit

Small Business Equipment Loans

Financing New Equipment Can Revitalize Your Business

If your business is in need of new tooling, equipment, computers, software, furniture, or more, small business equipment financing may provide you with the ability to satisfy all of your equipment and technology needs, without having to sacrifice your liquidity. There is no replacement for cash in the bank, but any smart business owner knows that to remain competitive, they must continually invest in tools and equipment to stay ahead of other competing organizations. Spending all of your money on new equipment can put your business in a cash-poor position that may negatively impact other areas of your company. For instance, purchasing a new piece of equipment may help increase productivity, but how will you meet payroll this month? Other, more pressing needs may demand that you seek an alternative to spending all of your money on new equipment. This is where the ability to finance equipment with bad credit can make all the difference.

Obtain equipment in a safe and responsible manner, even with bad credit

At Bad Credit Business Loans (BCBL), we specialize in creating tailor-made financial solutions for a variety of businesses throughout the nation. Our equipment financing programs will help your company acquire the equipment it needs, without resorting to dangerous financial decisions. Here is how our process works:

  1. First, apply online via our secure application link. Here, we’ll gather all of your business-relevant information that will help us gain a better understanding of how your company operates. This process takes no time at all, and it will allow us to reply to you within 24 hours with a lending decision.
  2. After you complete the application process we will ask for some basic business documentation. No worries here – we don’t ask you for your tax returns, personal financial information, or business plan. And, we’re not concerned about bad credit either. Your credit score isn’t a factor for us as your business revenue is what we consider when qualifying your business for financing your equipment.
  3. After you are approved we are often able to fund your business loan in as little as seven days. This means that you’ll be one step closer to acquiring the equipment that you need, and your business will be that much more competitive in the eyes of the consumer. No need to wait weeks or months like you would with a traditional lender – consider BCBL when you need cash fast.

We are ready to help you!

Contact the funding experts today at BCBL, and get ready to help your business grow and expand like never before. New or pre-owned equipment, tools, furniture, and technology will support your business and increase your potential in the market, and our custom financial solutions will allow you to keep more cash in the bank to help you manage your other financial responsibilities. Contact us today to get started!