Small Business Loan with Bad Credit: How to Get Small Business Financing?

Small Business Loans

Don’t worry about bad credit – at BCBL, it’s not a factor!

At (BCBL), we specialize in helping business owners obtain loans that may otherwise be impossible to get through traditional lenders like banks or credit unions. In fact, applications for bad credit small business loans often either get turned down during the application phase or are offered at rates and terms that can only be described as predatory. For owners who need a sensible small business loan bad credit should not be an insurmountable hurdle.

At BCBL, we don’t consider your credit score when you apply with us – instead, we look at your business as a whole, and consider several factors before making a lending decision. We are flexible, accommodating, and realistic, and that has allowed us to say “yes” to a greater percentage of businesses than just about any other source of business capital on the market today.

Apply today and see how simple it is to acquire business capital

Here is what you can expect when you apply with BCBL, regardless of your credit score:

  1. First, our online application process is quick and concise. It eliminates the time-consuming and frustrating process of physically visiting a bank or credit union, and it permits a much faster turnaround time for a loan decision. You’ll be able to finish the loan application in minutes.
  1. After you apply, we will ask you to supply a few pieces of business-relevant documentation that will help us determine how much you qualify for, and which loan program makes the most sense given the nature of your business. We don’t ask for business plans, tax returns, personal financial statements, or any other invasive documents that are common with bank loan applications. And, there’s no personal guarantee with this loan type – meaning you’re not putting your personal assets at risk when you partner with BCBL for a small business loan with bad credit.
  1. Upon approval, we will securely and quickly deliver your small business capital in no time. In fact, we’re often able to fund small business loans for bad credit in about seven days. This is incredibly quick when compared to what is available on the market today, and it will help you to more effectively take care of your financial needs.

You are more than your credit score – apply today!

Don’t let your bad credit discourage you from applying for business financing with BCBL. We are more interested in how we can partner with you to create a custom lending solution that will address all of your business needs, than your actual personal and business credit scores.

Our innovative and flexible programs are designed with the business owner in mind, and they’re perfectly suited to helping you improve your financial position – while still allowing you to maintain cash flow. Good credit or bad credit, new business or seasoned operation, we’re ready to help today. Contact today for more information – and get ready to see your business grow in no time!