How to Secure Small Business Loans After Bankruptcy

Small Business Loans after Bankruptcy

A bankruptcy can be devastating to a business owner’s personal and business credit, and it often prevents individuals from securing credit for years after the bankruptcy filing. If you are in need of small business funding and are considering a traditional route – like a bank or credit union, think again! These institutions are incredibly hesitant to lend to anyone who may have a history of troubled credit, including bankruptcy. At (BCBL), we do not use your credit report when we make a lending decision. And, a bankruptcy won’t disqualify you from securing small business credit with us. We are more interested in your business and your overall ability to repay the loan versus an arbitrary credit score. If you have had a bankruptcy and need to secure cash for your small business you’ll want to apply with us today.

How does a merchant cash advance (MCA) help your business, post-bankruptcy? – At BCBL, we offer the highly flexible and effective merchant cash advance loan program. This process differs from what you’d expect to see from many other lenders – and that’s a good thing! A merchant cash advance delivers an upfront influx of cash to the business that is repaid through several small daily payments. These payments are based on your daily sales through your merchant processor, so small payments are made on slow sales days and larger payments can be processed during busier times. If you own a business and are post-bankruptcy, you’ll want to take advantage of this flexible program. It can help you resolve many of your short to medium term financial concerns with ease. And, cash flow is maintained by eliminating budget-busting monthly payments and out-of-control interest rates. You’ll find that an MCA can help you eliminate the situations that may have led to your bankruptcy, versus contributing to a new period of financial hardships.

What can I do with a merchant cash advance? – The merchant cash advance is a flexible and accommodating program that will put cash in your hands in a matter of days. Some business owners use the proceeds of the MCA to pay off high interest rate debts, delinquent bills, or tax liens. Others use the money to hire seasonal staff members or to meet payroll demands during slow times of the year. Some owners use the MCA to fund expanded marketing efforts or to support upcoming sales campaigns. The bottom line is – use it how you see fit! We will provide the upfront business capital and you can allocate it as you feel necessary.

We are excited to partner with you to tailor a loan program that fits the needs of your business. Many business owners feel that life is essentially over after a bankruptcy – but we are here to prove that this sentiment is absolutely untrue! Contact us today to see just how easy it is to acquire the small business capital you need, regardless of your current credit concerns.