Small Business Loans for E-Commerce & Internet-Based Companies

Small Business Loans for E-Commerce & Internet Based Companies

If you own or operate an E-commerce or Internet-based business, you’ll want to make sure that you partner early on with a reliable source for small business capital. A common misconception surrounding E-commerce businesses and organizations is that these companies are less expensive to operate than a brick and mortar equivalent. While this can be the case in some instances, Internet-based companies often require a steady stream of capital to manage the inherent technological complexities of an E-business. To position your Internet-based company for the ultimate in success, make sure that you partner with a source for small business capital that can help you grow your company. At (BCBL), we specialize in helping companies like yours to succeed like never before – and we do it through individually-tailored, merchant cash advance programs that are engineered to help your business compete as effectively as possible in today’s business environment.

What is a merchant cash advance? – A merchant cash advance is a loan that provides upfront cash that is repaid with your future revenues. We analyze your credit card processing statements to determine the volume of revenues flowing through your merchant account. Then we lend you a specific portion of these revenues that you can use for whatever purpose you deem appropriate. After funding, we will establish a repayment program that debits a small amount each day from your credit card batch totals. This process allows you to make small payments on slow sales days, while permitting you to pay off your loan quickly when sales are strong. For seasonal businesses or those that are cyclical in nature, this is a major advantage over other loan types on the market today.

What can I use a merchant cash advance for and how will it benefit my business? – How you use the merchant cash advance is up to you, but we have seen many E-commerce companies help their bottom-line through targeted applications of small business capital. Investing in new inventory is important, as well as online content marketing or site optimization. One of the most effective uses for the capital is Internet-based marketing activities – many of which can provide a significant return on investment that can really boost your business results. Some companies hire more staff, pay off delinquent or high rate debts, or invest in starting an operating additional online sales sites. The choice is yours!

We are excited to partner with you to help elevate your Internet-based business into the next level of performance. Apply today and we will work with you create a tailored cash advance that will help you address your financial concerns – as well as provide the capital that is necessary to position your business as a leader in your field.