Small Business Loans for Food Trucks

Food Truck Small Business Loans

If you own or operate a food truck these days you’re no doubt highly aware of the whirlwind of attention that is levied upon these portable “restaurants on wheels.” Food trucks are a phenomenon today that combine every person’s love of food with a platform that allows for experimentation and the ultimate in culinary creativity. This has become a highly-competitive industry, with one food truck owner and another duking it out for local market supremacy. If you are looking for a surefire way to remain as relevant and competitive as possible in your area, you’ll want to team up with a source for small business funding that is as creative and flexible as your mobile menu. At, we have helped food truck owners boost business and reduce expenses through a targeted injection of small business capital. And our merchant cash advance program is a powerful tool to help owners like you get a leg up on the competition.

How does the merchant cash advance work? – First, you’ll need to apply online. Once you have completed the application process and have provided us with all of the necessary documents (don’t worry – we don’t ask for much!) we will be able to make a lending decision. We approve the majority of applicants and can likely help you acquire the cash you need as well. Once you have the upfront cash you’ll then repay the loan through small, daily merchant account debits. This means that we will “hold back” a small fraction of your daily credit card receipts until the loan is repaid. Since it is a percentage of your sales, you’ll only pay a small amount on slower days – which helps keep your cash flow in check. On busier days you’ll see a larger debit that can pay your loan off sooner. The merchant cash advance is simply and easy to obtain, and isn’t reliant on your personal or business credit score. This is one key advantage over more traditional options that are commonly available through banks or credit unions – we don’t turn down applicants due to poor credit.

How can a merchant cash advance help my food truck business? – You’ll often face similar expenses and operating costs as any other restaurant in the neighborhood, so make sure that you have established a reliable source of small business loans for your food truck! At BCBL, we can help you hire more staff, upgrade your food truck, pay for maintenance and repair issues, and help fund inventory and supplies. We will take care of the upfront cash – you decide how it is spent! Food truck owners like you can benefit from this quick funding model, and your customers will reap the benefits of your streamlined operation.

We are excited to help you drive your food truck business to even greater levels of success. With a merchant cash advance from, you’ll feel empowered to get behind the wheel and seek business with authority. We’ve cooked up a terrific loan program in our merchant cash advance, so contact us today to get started!