Small Business Loans for Women

Small Business Loans for Women

Women are a driving force in the business world today

In today’s modern business world, women account for a huge share of leadership among the major industries – as well as in the small business realm. Women-owned firms number more than 8 million across the US, and these businesses generate annual receipts of approximately $1.2 trillion! In some industries like health care and social assistance, women tend to outnumber men – and almost half of all women-owned businesses are involved in either repair and maintenance, personal and laundry services, health care and social assistance, and technical or scientific services. Female-driven companies, just like those helmed by men, need access to timely and affordable small business loans and working capital to grow, thrive, and compete effectively in the business world.

Business Loans for Women Available with Little or Bad Credit

If you are a modern female in today’s business world and are looking for a business loan, look no further than (BCBL). At BCBL, we offer business loans that are affordable, fully-featured, and are custom tailored to help any business leader address short, medium, and long-term financial concerns with ease. Small business loans for women are no different than those offered to male-led companies; instead we focus on many of the key industries that are often led by women, and tailor financial products to help these important businesses. When seeking a bad credit small business loan it is important to keep the following key points in mind:

Accessibility: While many business owners think that banks and credit unions are the ideal place to secure a business loan, these traditional lenders are often the most difficult entities to deal with. They frequently deliver low approval rates, extended wait times and underwriting processes, and invasive documentation. And, don’t even think about applying if your credit is bad. Accessibility is not a strong point for these lenders as they generally require stellar credit and don’t offer much flexibility when it comes to applicants who have experienced credit hardships in the recent past.

Affordability: Most small business loans for those with bad credit are saddled with high interest rates and upfront fees. Instead of a high interest rate we simply deduct a small amount from your future sales to repay your small business loan. It’s easier than a traditional business loan – and it helps preserve your cash flow.

Flexibility: Small business loans for women don’t have to be difficult to manage. In fact, our loans are designed to work with your business – not against it. Most loans require a fixed payment each month that can seriously stifle cash flow, while others are based on a variable interest rate that can quickly spiral out of control. Our loans are incredibly flexible due to the way they work. During slow times, your company pays very little. During times of high revenue you’ll be able to make a larger payment. This creates an advantageous cash flow situation for any company.

BCBL is ready to help you address your financial concerns

We are excited to partner with you to help you grow and expand your female-led business. With extensive experience in the small business lending field and the absolute best suite of financial products on the market today, consider BCBL for all of your small business capital needs.