Transportation and Trucking Small Business Loans

trucking small business loans

Truckers know that life on the road can be hard, and owners of trucking and transportation companies know all about the challenges that surround a life in this unforgiving and competitive industry. From managing a fleet of expensive trucks, to budgeting for fuel, tires, insurance, and repair costs, trucking is an industry that can be grueling if you try to go at it alone. One of the most important partnerships you can make when running a trucking or transportation company is with a steady source for trucking small business loans. At (BCBL), we specialize in helping businesses of all types to grow and thrive through simplified access to small business loans. Our merchant cash advance program (MCA) can help your company get out of the slow lane – quickly.

How does the MCA option work? – If you are like most trucking small business owners today, you’ve probably considered going to a bank or credit union to apply for a business loan or line of credit. This often ends up being a frustrating and difficult process that results in a turndown more often than an approval. At BCBL, we offer the merchant cash advance program that can help you access cash quickly, while enjoying low monthly payments and flexible terms. Here’s how it works: Simply apply, and we’ll generate an approved, upfront amount of cash that can be used to help your trucking company. You won’t need to make large monthly payments when it comes time to repay your loan, rather – we will direct debit a small amount from your daily credit card sales totals until your loan is paid back. Since this amount is based on your sales totals, you’ll only pay relative to how much you’re earning. This helps prevent cash flow issues and will allow you to manage other operating expenses related to your business.

What can I use the MCA for? – A merchant cash advance puts the power of to work for you. We’ll provide the upfront capital – you decide how to put it to work! Once you receive funding you can apply it how you see fit, and our trucking and transportation clients often allocate some of their funds to equipment upkeep or repairs, truck upgrades, payroll expenses, and more. You can use it for practically anything – even paying off high interest rate debts or delinquent bills. The choice is yours!

When you are ready to take your trucking business to the next level of performance, apply with BCBL and see just how easy it is to acquire the small business capital that you need to thrive in this competitive industry.